December 16, 2010

Morning glory


Morning glory

I planted some heirloom variety morning glory seeds several years back and with little-or-no help from me, one variety has made a perennial visitor of itself.  (I’ve never been one for fall cleaning and thus I have seedlings of all sorts come spring.)  They’ve appeared in the rhubarb patch, among the raspberry canes, beneath the red buckeye, in and around the tree peonies…but never to the point of being a nuisance.  I often don’t even notice them until they bloom.  This particular morning glory is a deep velvety purple when in flower, (I don’t recall it’s name, only that it came from a little seed house in northeastern Connecticut).  However beautiful it is in bloom, I always look forward to a good killing frost to turn the vines skeletal.  I love the shapes of the seed capsules, smooth and russet with their little pilose wings.


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