Acer no.1

December 7, 2010




I post this drawing in fond remembrance of the thousands of maples which are being logged and chipped across the street from my house as I write.  The damned Asian Longhorn Beetle is to blame.  Despite there being only a relative handful of trees actually infected, the USDA recommended removal of ALL host trees on the many acres of historic town property, infected or not; maple, ash, elm, poplar…though from where I sit, it certainly looks more like indiscriminate slaughter. Host and non-host trees alike are being destroyed.   It’s a shock and a shame to watch the forest dissappear:  it was, until last week, a beautiful forest.  The view from our house has been horribly altered, for we now are forced to look upon a Frito Lay distribution plant which had previously been hidden quite well by the trees.  It’s awful.  Really, really awful.


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