Syringa no.1

November 24, 2010



When we bought our house eight years ago there was a dilapidated old garage, (more of a shed or glorified lean-to, really), its only admirable feature being that it was surrounded on three sides by mature lilacs.  The shed was torn down, lilacs uprooted and a new garage built.  A few bushes were somehow spared; this is from one of them.  It took a long while for this particular bush to recover, blooming the Spring before last for the first time since being so disturbed.  It’s not in an ideal location by any means: too shady, too rocky, it is encroaching on the path from the kitchen door to the compost pile, and besides all that it clashes with most of my plantings…but it will stay.


One Response to “Syringa no.1”

  1. I finally found the time to visit your blog and I am so glad I did. I see what you mean about liking plants past their prime. How nice to find a like minded artist. I like what you paint and how you approach each subject. Lovely work.

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