Malus ‘Prairie Fire’ no.2

November 16, 2010


Malus sp. ‘Prairie Fire’

(Prairie Fire Crabapple)

Hardy from zones 4-8.

I acquired this tree about eight years ago as a lopsided runt from the nursery I then worked at.  Despite our awful, rocky soil, it has since grown into a healthy and handsome speciman, 15 or so feet high and almost just as wide.  New foliage in is a deep burgundy-purple, (the low hanging branches form a wonderful backdrop for Hemerocallis ‘Spring Chimes’ in May, and in mid-summer for H.’Raspberry Wine’, H.’South Seas’ and other similarly lush, tropical-colored daylilies), flowers are pink and fruit deep red.  My tree seems to have sent up some rougue branches that have yellowish fruit which makes it just that much more colorful.  It’s  popular with birds; most notably the robins.


4 Responses to “Malus ‘Prairie Fire’ no.2”

  1. Kate Says:

    Beautiful work. Would love to know the medium (i.e. watercolor/pencil/etc. and what colors used) and paper you used to make this drawing. Aloha, Kate

    • Lizzie Abelson Says:

      Thanks Kate,
      All drawings are done in India ink (via antique nib pens) and gouache on Strathmore 400 drawing paper. I use only the three primary colors and white. I’ve found that such a restricted palette lends a certain muted and earthy uniformity of tone to my portfolio of work as a whole. It’s amazing what an endless range of colors one can create from red, yellow and blue alone.

  2. Florence Says:

    These are beautiful. I like the antique look to your work.

  3. Janene Says:

    Lovely work! If you don’t mind my commenting on your tree–beware of rogue branches. They may be coming from below a graft or due to some other problem so could have a harmful effect on your tree. Hard to say w/o seeing it though…just a thought…

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